Curved Stairlifts Prices

Curved Stairlift Prices

1 August 2022

Curved Stairlift Prices In Aug 2022

Can stairlifts go around corners?

Stairlifts can indeed go around corners. The most common stairlifts are made to fit straight staircases. But these days you can find a type of stairlift that will fit almost any stair case. Even spiral staircases can be fitted with stairlifts.

Though stairlifts can go around corners, each corner can as much as double the purchase price. This is because a staircase with a lot of bends is likely to require a custom-built track to fit its unique contours. This can cost a lot of money to design and build.

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Where can I buy curved stairlifts?

The most well-known UK stairlift companies all offer curved stairlift models. For example, Stannah, Thyssenkrupp, Handicare and Acorn all offer curved lift stairs. Though they can be expensive, curved stairlifts are not hard to find. Any big industry name worth its salt will stock curved as well as straight models.

You can call the supplier directly to request a free stairlift quote or a brochure. It can be worth getting in touch with companies to gather information, advice and brochures to help you in making your decision. Getting multiple quotes so as to find the best deal is also a top tip.

It is always worth remaining aware that a company has an incentive to sell you something, so they might give you biased advice or pressure you to buy a product that is more expensive than you need. The household-name stairlift companies are all known for their professionalism, so this is unlikely to be a problem if you stick to 

What is the average price of a curved stair lift?

The average price of curved stairlifts is typically a lot higher than that of a straight stairlift. This is mainly the case because curved stairlifts are less common and one product design will not fit all curved stairs.

It is difficult to give an average price of curved stairlifts, as many models are made for an individual buyer and in these cases the price is not advertised. But as a rule of thumb, curved stairlifts generally cost four to five thousand pounds or more.

Companion Stairlifts are on the lower end of the price spectrum, charging four thousand pounds for a standard model. Curved stairlifts from Stannah and Acorn are more expensive, with the cheapest costing five thousand pounds.

Here is a video showing how a curved stairlift works.

Are curved stairlift prices lower if I buy a second-hand or reconditioned model?

Stair lift prices can often be cheaper if you look to the second-hand market. What’s more, if you buy a reconditioned stair lift model from a reputable company, there is a guarantee that there will be no difference in quality.

Users are advised to avoid looking for stairlifts on a site such as eBay or Gumtree. This is because there is little quality control on such platforms. Especially with curved stairlifts, you cannot be sure that the product specifications will fit the dimensions of your home. Thus safety may be compromised. The stair lift might not work, or worse you could have an accident.

But wherever you turn, you may experience difficulty in finding a second-hand curved stairlift that will meet your requirements. The shape and form of the product is often designed around a single flight of stairs. Especially if there is a bend in your stairs or a landing area partway through the staircase, you may be unable to find a second-hand model with the right features.

curved stair lift prices

How do I know if I need a custom-built curved stair lift?

It is not uncommon for a user to struggle to find a stairlift model that suits their needs. Often the specification of their property is so unique that a custom-built model is required. This is often the case if you have a narrow staircase, though any staircase narrower than seventy-five centimetres cannot have a staircase fitted at all.

If you get in touch, company surveyors and engineers will often be able to tell you if a custom-built model will be required. This may require an on-location, in-person process. But sometimes they can tell you whether you require a custom model through asking questions over the phone.

Are bespoke curved stair lift models expensive?

The answer to this question really depends on the layout of your home. There are many different stairlift solutions, and the details can make all the difference. Ultimately there is no ceiling on how much it can cost.

You might also require a custom model due to your weight as well as your stairs. Those weighing more than twenty stone may find they exceed the maximum capacity of most models. Plus, some want special extras such as joystick controls, a control button or a power swivel seat. A perch stairlift seat may be needed if you have bad knees, or a special footrest may be desired.

So it all depends on how many ways in which you want your stairlift to differ from normal. If you just want something that will function and you will not require a particularly unique rail system, the cost may be little more than a normal new model. If you want a plush ride and a high level of additional features, you will pay more for these reasons.

"Stair lift prices can often be cheaper if you look to the second-hand market. What’s more, if you buy a reconditioned stair lift model from a reputable company, there is a guarantee that there will be no difference in quality."

How much does installation cost for a curved stairlift?

Installation can be a big part of the full stair lift price you end up paying. Installation costs can vary depending on whether the stairlift company handles installation or whether you hire contractors yourself. But it is not unusual for installation to cost another four thousand pounds on top of the purchase price.

This may seem high, but curved stairlifts are quite sophisticated machines, and it takes a lot of expertise to fit a curved rail properly. This means you will have to pay for a trained engineer, which frequently costs fifty to a hundred pounds an hour.

You must also pay for an electrician to set up the wiring that will power your new stairlift. Plus a carpenter or plumber may be needed to remove obstructions such as banisters, paneling and radiators. So while you may balk at the cost, you get what you pay for.

How long does it take to install a curved staircase lift?

It takes longer to fit curved stair lifts than straight ones. This is due to a number of factors. The main reason is that the rails are typically longer and more difficult to install. 

Is it worth buying a warranty on a curved stairlift?

Stairlift manufacturers often offer the buyer a service plan or maintenance contract alongside their purchase. 

Sometimes this is billed as a parts and labour warranty, which covers any replacement parts as well as the cost of labour. Many buyers are not sure whether warranties and maintenance contracts are good value for money, especially when buying a curved stairlift.

It is generally a good idea to buy into the maintenance scheme or service plan the stairlift manufacturer is offering. While in theory you might not be paying the best price for parts and labour, handling maintenance yourself can be a real struggle. This is especially true when it comes to curved stairlifts, as they tend to require expensive parts that you will struggle to find.

A warranty gives you guaranteed repairs, which brings with it peace of mind. Many of the main UK stairlift providers offer a convenient 24-hour service helpline to warranty holders. 

Plus, it often works out cheaper to participate in the service plan. This is because the stair lift experts can diagnose any issues with your product and solve them before they get any worse.

Can I get Value Added Tax (VAT) relief to help out with curved stair lift prices?

A curved stairlift can certainly be expensive, but there is no need to despair. There are a number of options to make your stair lift cost less. The easiest and most common way to bring your costs down is through Value Added Tax relief.

If you are living with a disability or debilitating illness, you may be eligible for a full VAT exemption on your curved stairlift. This means you do not have to pay any Value Added Tax at all. Since the usual rate is twenty percent, full exemption means your costs are comparatively much lower.

Even if you are not eligible for full Value Added Tax relief, anyone over the age of sixty qualifies to pay a reduced rate of five percent. This can still save you a significant amount of money when buying your new stairlift.

What is the Disabled Facilities Grant, and can it help me out with buying a curved lift for staircase?

The Disabled Facilities Grant exists to support people with reduced mobility in reconfiguring their homes to better meet their needs. It is paid by your local council. You could get up to thirty thousand pounds if you live in England.

In Wales the limit is higher- you could get up to thirty-six thousand pounds. In Northern Ireland the limit is lower at twenty-five thousand pounds, while the Disabled Facilities Grant is not available at all if you live in Scotland.

This grant can be a great source of financial support when buying a curved stair lift, but your local council must be satisfied that you meet the eligibility criteria. You must own your home, or if you are renting you must intend to remain there for a period of five years or longer. The stair lift must also be deemed essential. This is determined in relation to your mobility needs.

You can apply for the Disabled Facilities Grant through your local council. It can cover not only the purchase price of your stair lift, but also the installation costs. This depends upon how much money you are awarded.

curved stairlift prices

Are there any other sources of financial assistance to help me get a curved chair lift?

In addition to the DFG, you could seek a private charitable grant. This is often available to veterans and the partners of veterans. Others will find it more difficult to get access to financial assistance from a charity.

Is it possible to rent a curved stairlift?

Many people who are put off by the high prices of straight and curved stairlifts consider renting as an alternative option. Rental stairlift companies tend to offer a range of straight stairlifts. 

But curved stairlifts are less frequently available, since fewer customers need them, and they often cannot be rented out to different people.

This is because the curved rail must generally be custom-made to fit your curved staircase. This means that even if you find a rental stairlift company that offers curved models, the upfront cost is not much lower than the purchase price would usually be.

There is always an installation fee when renting a stairlift, and this is generally between one thousand five hundred and two thousand five hundred pounds. This is high due to the cost of constructing a curved rail and fitting the product to your staircase. The rental fee then averages around one hundred pounds a month, or twenty-five pounds a week.

This is much more than the price of renting a straight stairlift. The installation fee for a straight stairlift is normally around one thousand pounds. The monthly cost is usually around forty or fifty pounds.

Would it make financial sense for me to rent a curved stairlift?

This depends mainly on how long you will need the stairlift for.

There is a minimum length of time required for it to be worth getting a stairlift at all. Unless your financial resources are unlimited, it is not worth shelling out thousands if you are recovering from a short-term mobility issue that will be over in a matter of weeks.

If you are going to need the curved stairlift for a year or two, it might make a lot of sense to see if you could rent instead of buying. But if you are going to need the curved stairlift for an indefinite period, it might be a better idea to buy.

Otherwise, you could end up locked into paying a hundred pounds a month in rent for your curved stairlift. The only alternative would be giving up the stairlift, which might not be a realistic option, especially if your mobility deteriorates.

There is only one way to be sure which is the cheapest option. This is simply to get a price quotation from suppliers so that you know how much each option will cost. Then multiply the monthly rent by the period you expect to need the stairlift for and compare the two total amounts.

When doing this step, make sure you factor in the installation costs as well as your maintenance charge. It is better to overestimate the amount of time you will need the stairlift for rather than underestimating it. Otherwise, you could be faced with a choice between big bills and being deprived of the freedom to move around your house with ease.

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