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Stairlift Hire In Jul 2022

Finding a stairlift that is right for you can be a tricky process. In the article below we answer some common questions on rental, and explain the benefits of hiring stairlifts.

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Can you hire chair lifts?

Yes, stairlift rental is a popular choice if you need short term support. For example, rental stairlifts can help those recovering from an operation that leaves them temporarily unable to climb their stairs.

There are other reasons for renting a stairlift, for example if a buyer cannot afford to purchase a stair lift upfront. However, the fact is that if you have a long term illness or injury the cost of a monthly rental often works out higher in the long term. 

If you need a stairlift but cannot afford ordering a brand new one, there are other cost effective options out there. For example, you could look at reconditioned stairlifts, or try using a Disabled Facilities Grant to get a free stairlift. 

Rental stairlifts are easier to find if you require a straight stairlift. Curved stairlifts often have to be custom made and therefore purchased not rented. There are charities that can help cover the cost too, so you might be able to get a free stairlift this way. 

How much does hiring a stair lift actually cost?

The prices for stairlift hire depend on the type of stairlift and stairlift models you are interested in. Costs also vary between stairlift companies

To give you a general sense of the rental charge, most straight stairlift rentals cost no more than £10 per week. If you need to hire a curved stairlift, the cost is likely to be higher. It can also be hard to find companies offering the ‘curved stairlifts rental’ service. 

Then there will be the installation charge, and removal costs when you no longer need the stairlift technology. The expense to install and uninstall rental stairlifts is normally in the range of £350 to £1000. Some companies will cover this cost in their set monthly fee.

You should also bear in mind that most organisations have a minimum rental period for their rental service. In most cases, this is 3 months. 

Here is a useful video about stairlift hire.

Why are curved stairlifts more expensive?

Curved stairlifts often need to be custom built, to fit the unique layout of your staircase. For this reason, rental companies cannot always guarantee they have hire stairlifts for curved staircases. 

If the staircase in your home is a curved staircase, it might be worth getting quotations for buying as well as renting a stairlift. Then, you can make the most cost effective decision. You should also consider seeking expert advice, since it can be a confusing process. 

How do I pay for the rental?

Whilst the experience varies from company to company, generally there is a one-off upfront payment for rental stairlifts. This covers the cost of administration, installation, and future removal of the stairlift. You will normally pay this in advance. 

Once the initial stairlift rental charge has been paid, you will just pay a regular fee. This is normally a monthly payment. Setting up a direct debit can help avoid the fuss of remembering to pay each month. 

Can you get a stairlift free?

There are grants available for stairlifts, that you might be able to access. For example, the ‘Disabled Facilities Grant‘ helps people make modifications to their home. It is a means-tested grant, and might not cover the whole cost of a stairlift. 

An alternative option is to apply for funding from a charity, such as the ACT foundation and Independence at Home. These charities can help with all sorts of home modifications, and the kind of support offered will vary between them. 

Some people only need a stairlift in the short term. In this situation the best option might be to rent a stairlift, rather than trying to get one free. Straight stairlifts are much easier to find when looking into renting a stairlift. 

If you can’t get a grant, funding, or rent a stairlift, you could consider getting a stairlift on finance. This is a good option for homes that cannot have standard straight stairlifts fitted. It is also useful if you need a stairlift permanently, since stairlift rental can get expensive. 

"If the cost of your stair lift quotation is unaffordable, you might be eligible for government support. This might not cover the full cost, but can be a big help"

How can I apply for a ‘Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)’?

If the cost of your stair lift quotation is unaffordable, you might be eligible for government support. This might not cover the full cost, but can be a big help. Speak to your relatives or a professional, if you need help with the process. 

The grants aren’t just for stairlifts, either. For example, they can help improve access to a room, pay for a shower rail/supports, and pay for heating or lighting installations. To start with, you will have to send off the application form to your council. 

Once you have applied, an Occupational Therapist will visit your home. They will assess the areas in your home that you want to make modifications too. 

When applying, you will be asked to provide two professional quotes, giving official written estimates for the cost of the work. You should also note that if you move out during the grant period, for example into a care home, you will need to repay the grant. 

What stairlifts are available for rental?

Most rental stairlift companies technically allow you to rent a stairlift of any type. However, you will find that it is far simpler to rent a straight stairlift than a curved one. If you have a narrow staircase, you might need to hire a swivel or standing chair lift. 

Whilst curved rental stairlifts are possible, they are subject to availability. It is less likely that companies will have a curved rental stairlift that can fit the area in your home exactly. As it can be dangerous to rent a stairlift that is not a perfect fit, you might need to look at other options.

Are there reconditioned stair lifts for rent? 

Yes, companies do offer rental stairlifts that have been reconditioned. Again, you are likely to have more luck if you are looking for a straight stairlift rental. 

A reconditioned rental stairlift can be an advantage, as it is a more cost effective option. All reconditioned stairlifts undergo servicing, giving you peace of mind that they are safe. Whilst they are technically used, they will be in excellent condition and meet all safety requirements.

What is included with a stairlift rental?

The good thing about stairlift rental is that if you have a problem repairs are normally covered by your monthly fee. Maintenance engineers will come to your house and uncover a solution for your problem. 

Thus, with a monthly rental users will never have a worry about the cost of potential damage. In the event you have trouble with your rental stairlift, simply phone the company and they will arrange for experts to look at it. 

Whilst most companies include maintenance and repairs in their quote, this is something you should check before agreeing to the sale. This is important because if your monthly payments will not cover such situations, you might want to consider an alternative supplier. 

Should I rent a stairlift?

Stair lift rental can be a good option for those that need mobility support for only a short duration. They might also be good options for those that are struggling with payment for buying a stairlift. 

Sometimes, people have difficulty finding a curved stairlift for rental. It is harder if you have a tight budget for renting a stairlift. In these circumstances, the wisest choice might be to buy a curved stairlift upfront. 

Old people, or those with a permanent disability, might be better buying a stairlift rather than choosing stairlift hire. Whilst the initial cost is higher, it is likely cheaper over time. This is because the monthly fee amount can add up very quickly if you are using a rental scheme permanently.  

If you need a stairlift permanently but are having problems affording the stairlift model you need, there are still options. UK councils offer ‘Disabled Facilities Grants’ that can help those with financial issues. 

How long will installation take?

The exact time is determined by the type of stairlift being installed. When renting a stairlift installation normally takes 2-4 hours. 

The installation time for a stairlift to rent will be no different to the installation time of a brand-new stairlift. However, if you have never used a stairlift before, you might want to allow extra time for them to show you how to use the remote controls. 

rent a stairlift

Are there terms and conditions in stairlift rental contracts?

When renting a stairlift the exact terms and conditions will depend on your contract. Normally, companies have a minimum hire period when renting a stairlift. However, it is possible to find a stair lift for rent with a contract you can cancel at any time. 

Will a rented stairlift fit my staircase?

To find out whether the stairlift will fit your stairs, you will need to first measure your stairs. You may want to ask a friend, carer , or someone in your family to help you do this. 

Here is a step by step guide that explains, with diagrams,  how to measure your staircase dimensions. It is important to get your measurements right, to make sure there is enough room for both the stairlift and the seat. 

Once you know your measurements, you can compare these to the dimensions of the stairlift you want to hire. You can find these online or in your company’s product brochure, if you have it. 

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