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Moorcroft Debt Recovery

This page was last updated on 1 April 2021

Moorcroft Debt Recovery In 2021

If the Moorcroft Group have contacted you via written letters, phone calls, or even visits to your home, you might be looking for some advice as to how to stop them. If  Moorcroft try to contact you, never ignore their letters and phone calls. 

Below, we discuss why Moorcroft Debt Recovery might be contacting you. We also explain what you can do to get rid of Moorcroft and stop debt collection companies from being able to take you to court.

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Who are Moorcroft Debt Recovery?

In the whole of the United Kingdom, Moorcroft are the largest debt collection agency. 

Moorcroft debt recovery are a division of Moorcroft Group. 

If you need to contact Moorcroft, you can visit their website. Alternatively, you can send a letter. Their address is ‘2 Spring Gardens, Stockport, SK1 4AA’. 

The best time to start dealing with your debts is today. Even if you cannot afford repayments today, you should never just ignore letters from Moorcroft. 

If you are contacted by Moorcroft and do not know what to do next, get professional advice today from an expert. They can assess your current situation and help you plan your next steps. 

Is Moorcroft Debt Recovery legitimate?

Yes, Moorcroft Debt Collection might also be called the Moorcroft Group. Regardless of the name used, they are a legitimate debt collector. So, they are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, like many other debt collection firms. 

As Moorcroft Debt Recovery are regulated by the FCA they have to follow strict rules and practices when it comes to debt collection. For example, whilst they can send field agents to your home they cannot enter your home if you do not wish for them to do so. 

Moorcroft are also not bailiffs. Many people fear that bailiffs will simply turn up at their home, but the court must first grant permission. You will be made aware if this happens, so bailiffs will not unexpectedly appear unless you ignore all correspondence from Moorcroft. 

Here is a useful video about debt collection agencies.

What can’t Moorcroft Debt Recovery do? 

There are many horror stories out there when it comes to debt collection. Luckily, companies have to follow strict protocols. Below are a list of things Moorcroft are not able to do, thanks to the regulation of the FCA: 

  • They cannot claim charges that are unfair
  • They are not bailiffs and cannot seize your property, or threaten to do so
  • They cannot give ‘empty threats’ when it comes to legal action
  • They cannot discuss your debts with employers 
  • They cannot contact you using means you have asked them not to use
  • They cannot encourage you use loans or credit cards to clear debts
  • They cannot call outside of business hours

If you notice Moorcroft doing any of the above, then you can make a complaint against Moorcroft Debt Recovery today. However, Moorcroft are a very large debt collection company and should follow the rules and regulations put out by the FCA at all times. 

How can I write a complaint against Moorcroft Debt Collection? 

When it comes to making a complaint against debt collection companies, you should first complain directly to the debt collectors. You can send your complaint to Moorcroft at the following address: 

Moorcroft Debt Recovery, 2 Spring Gardens Stockport, SK1 4AA.’ 

Moorcroft will have to respond within 8 weeks, at the very latest. However, you may not be happy with the response from Moorcroft.

If this is the case, pass your complaint on to the Financial Ombudsman Service. This is a government organisation, that will undertake an independent investigation of your complaint. 

If you want to involve the Financial Ombudsman you must do this within 6 months of getting the final response from Moorcroft. 

The financial ombudsman will make a fair assessment of your situation, but if you or Moorcroft disagree with how they handle it initially you can ask for further assessments to be made. 

If you disagree with the final decision of the Financial Ombudsman Service you can even take them to court, should you wish. 

If the Financial Ombudsman deems your complaint valid, they will contact Moorcroft and get them to rectify things. In some cases you will receive compensation. 

"The Moorcroft Group are not bailiffs. They are simply a debt collection agency. If they send field agents to your home, legally they are not allowed to force entry"

Are Moorcroft bailiffs?

The Moorcroft Group are not bailiffs. They are simply a debt collection agency. If they send field agents to your home, legally they are not allowed to force entry. You can simply tell them they are not allowed into your home and ask them to leave.

However, Moorcroft Debt Recovery has the power to request a county court judgement if you owe money and do not pay. The county court judgement may result in bailiffs being dispatched to your home. 

Before bailiffs are sent, debt collectors like Moorcroft send many letters reminding you of payments you owe. So, you will get a lot of warning before bailiffs come. This is why you should never ignore letters from a debt collector. 

Moorcroft Group

Can I prevent Moorcroft from contacting me? 

You cannot stop Moorcroft Debt Recovery from contacting you completely. The reason for this is that Moorcroft are legally obliged to retrieve the money you owe. 

However, if Moorcroft come to your house they legally have no power as they are not bailiffs. So, you can ignore them and tell them to contact you via a letter or phone call. 

You can even opt out of phone calls if you like. Just tell Moorcroft that you only wish to receive written correspondence from them. Then, they will put everything you need to know in a letter to your house. 

If you do ask for written correspondence only, be sure sure you do not ignore a letter or misplace it. It might contain vital information about what you need to pay. 

Can I pay Moorcroft online?

Yes, paying online is straightforward. Simply go you to make your payment.  If you cannot access or do not want to use a computer you can also pay over the phone. 

To pay online you will need to have your reference number handy. This might be on a letter you have received. If you cannot find your reference number simply contact Moorcroft debt recovery and tell them you need to know your reference number to pay off your debts. 

You can also pay your debts by cheque. You will need to check the address and other details when you write the cheque, to ensure they are correct. 

debt collection agency

Do I have to pay Moorcroft Debt Recovery?

Moorcroft debt recovery limited is one of the main official debt collection agencies in the UK. Examples of debts they collect include HMRC debts, council tax debts, and even those from credit cards if your credit card provider uses Moorcroft Debt Recovery. 

You will need to pay off all your debts or Moorcroft might try to take you to court. Taking you to court enables a county court judgement to be issued, so that you can be visited by bailiffs. Moorcroft will write multiple warning letters before doing this. 

If you think you do not need to pay the debts Moorcrof debt recovery are asking you to, contact Moorcroft Debt Recovery. Ask Moorcroft to give you written evidence/ proof of the debts owed. 

If you are still unsure about the debts and whether you should pay Moorcroft, seek professional debt advice. 

What happens if I simply ignore the Moorcroft Group?

If you ignore Moorcroft debt recovery they will send written letters and continue to try to collect the debt from you. They might even send debt collectors round to your house. 

If Moorcroft Debt collection continue to be ignored by yourself, they will begin the process of taking you to court.

If you are taken to court and a judgement is issued, your credit file will be negatively affected. This is why we do not recommend ignoring Moorcroft Debt Recovery.

Debt Collectors

Who do Moorcroft Debt Recovery collect for?

Moorcroft debt recovery mainly collect debt from council tax. However, the Moorcroft Group can also recover debts from a county court judgement. 

The Moorcroft Group also works with specific companies, acting as their debt collectors. They collect some HMRC debts, such as debt related to a tax credits overpayment or self-assessment. 

What legal power do Moorcroft have?

Moorcroft are a debt collection agency that work on behalf of the company you owe your debts too. So, they have no added legal power. They simply write to you and collect the debts for their clients. 

They must respect your requests to stop certain methods of contact, though they do not have to stop all contact. Most people request they only write letters. 

Moorcroft Debt Collection cannot harass you, nor can they seize your possession like bailiffs. Moorcroft debt recovery can, however, take action that leads to bailiffs coming to your home. 

If you think you have been mistreated by Moorcroft Debt Collection you can make a complaint.

How will my credit file be impacted by unmet debt payments?

If you wish to take out a mortgage for a house, credit cards,  or loan in the future your credits history will be checked. If you owe money this unpaid debt will lower your score/rating. 

Luckily, if you are punctual with your repayment plan you can get rid of your debt and bring your score up. This will be very beneficial, for example you are more likely to be accepted for a mortgage. You are also likely to get a mortgage with lower interest and for a higher LTV.

stop Moorcroft Debt

What happens if I am unable to afford to get rid of my debts? 

If your situation means you can’t afford to settle your debts tell Moorcroft Debt Recovery straight away. They often offer people a repayment plan for their debts. 

A repayment plan can make managing your debts easier. However, we recommend getting debt advice to discuss the plan and check it is right for you. Do not agree to a payment plan if it is not going to be financially possible for you to stick to it. 

Can I use an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) to deal with Moorcroft Debt Recovery?

You may be able to take out an Individual Voluntary Arrangement to write off a lot of your Moorcroft debt. If your debts total more than £6,000 and/or you need to protect your home, this might be a good option for you. 

An IVA with a debt collection agency involves scheduled monthly payments being made for a fixed period of time. Once you have made all of these financial settlements and the IVA contract is up, the remaining debt is written off by Moorcroft. 

Normally when you have an IVA any outstanding debt is written off after 5 years. Moorcroft debt recovery do not technically do this themselves, it must be written off by an insolvency practitioner. 

repayment plan

What other ways can I stop Moorcroft ? 

If you don’t want to take out an IVA, or are not eligible for an IVA, you have other options. 

The first is to make the minimum payments that Moorcroft Debt Recovery demand from you. This is a great option as it not only gets the Moorcroft group off your back, but also increases your credit score. The problem is many people in debt cannot afford to pay and do this. 

Another option is to set up a repayment plan with Moorcroft Debt Recovery. This is good if you cannot afford the minimum settlement amounts, as you are able to pay less than this amount. Moorcroft Debt Recovery cannot charge you interest during this time. However your credit will be negatively affected. 

Alternatively, you could consider a Debt Relief Order. If the payment owed is low and you have little or no income, you might be eligible. A debt relief order means Moorcroft Debt Recovery cannot demand payments for a full year, and then the debt is written off. The downside is the impact on your creditworthiness. 

The final option you have is to declare bankruptcy. 

We recommend getting professional advice before deciding what to do. 

Do Moorcroft Debt Recovery buy debts from other lending companies? 

Yes, Moorcroft Debt Recovery buy debt off of the company you owe money to. This is because the company have been unable to get the debt off of you. 

Moorcroft Debt Recovery make money by trying to collect all or some of the debt off of you. 

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