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Wescot Credit Services

This page was last updated on 1 July 2022

Wescot Credit Services 2022

This article explain sall you need to know about Wescot.

Who do wescot credit services collect for?

Wescot Credit Services Limited acts as a debt collector for many companies in the UK. If you want a full list of every company they act as debt collectors for, contact Wescot Credit Services. Generally, Wescot Credit Services debt collectors will work for credit card companies, energy providers, various banks, and firms in the telecoms sector. Wescot Credit Services can detail the specific firms they work for if you get in touch with them.

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Does Wescot collect debt for HMRC?

HMRC uses a total of 11 different debt collection companies to resolve their debts. Debts with the HMRC are normally related to tax credit overpayment, or self-assessment errors. 

HMRC, however, do not use Wescot. You can check the names and contact details of the eleven different companies HMRC use online. 

Who are wescot credit services?

Wescot Credit Services are a type of debt collector. The role of Wescot Credit Services LTD is to collect the debts you owe for other companies. Wescot does not purchase debt from other companies.

Wescot Credit Services debt collection agency are authorised and regulated by the financial authority of conduct (FCA). The FCA ensures Wescot Credit Services act in a way that is fair, and follow certain standards. 

Here is a video worth watching if you have been approached by a debt collection agency.

What happens if you don’t pay Wescot?

Wescot will write many a letter to you if you owe money and do not pay. They might make phone calls, and even send a debt recovery representative to your house. 

Wescot Credit Services debt collectors cannot force entry to your house. They are not bailiffs.  However, if you ignore Wescot Credit Services debt collectors then you might get taken to court over your debt. 

If a legitimate debt collection agency takes you to court this can lead to a county court judgement (CCJ). Once a CCJ is issued collection agencies can legally send bailiffs round to resolve the debt. 

Being involved with debt collectors can be quite stressful, which is why you should try to resolve the debt payment at the earliest possible point in time. 

Furthermore, collection agencies record the fact that you owe them debt. This means that the debt will drag down your credit rating. So, if you want to get a credit card or mortgage in the future, this old debt might cause the mortgage or credit card company to reject you. 

Finally, if you just ignore debt collectors the debt can actually go up. This is because interest is added. 

So, you will probably find the amount debt collectors like Wescot say you owe is more than the amount you owed to the company your debt was originally with. It might also go up the longer you do not pay Wescot, unless you have come to an agreement with them to freeze the debt. 

Wescot Credit Services Limited

Do Wescot send bailiffs?

Wescot Credit Services LTD cannot send bailiffs themselves, unless a county court judgement is issued. 

They will send many a letter to your home letting you know that they are going to take you to court if you do not pay off your debts. Then, if the court grants a CCJ, Wescot Credit Services can order the bailiffs to your home.

Bailiffs will take possessions that have a combined value that is equal to the debt you have failed to pay. They may visit more than once. 

"Wescot Credit Services LTD cannot send bailiffs themselves, unless a county court judgement is issued. "

Could Wescot issue me with a warrant? 

If you are given a CCJ for your debt and you ignore it bailiffs might be sent to your home. Bailiffs collect personal possessions that have a value equal to the debt you owe. 

Whilst bailiffs can be intimidating, Wescot cannot arrest you and send you to prison. However, our advice is to take action at the earliest possible opportunity, to avoid even getting a CCJ and having bailiffs come over.

Could Wescot force entry into my home?

It is not legal practice for Wescot to force entry into your home. Only bailiffs can do this.

If Wescot Credit Services Limited come to your house you can ignore them and send them away. However, if you do this our advice is to make sure you deal your Wescot Credit Services debt with phone calls or letters instead. 

If you believe you have been mistreated by Wescot then you can make a complaint against Wescot Credit Services.

Wescot Credit Services debt

How can one formally complain about the way Wescot Credit Services Limited have treated their case?

You should first contact Wescot Credit Services to make them aware of the complaint. Give them the chance to resolve it. 

If you or someone you know would like to write Wescot Credit Services Limited a letter, use the following address:

Wescot Credit Services Limited, PO Box 137, Hull, HU2 8HF.

Please note, you may find two addresses for Wescot online. Be careful not to confuse the above address with the address for their registered office ( Kyleshill House, Glencairn Street, Saltcoats, Ayrshire, KA21 5JT ). If sending a complaint letter, it needs to go to the Hull address. 

Alternatively you could give Wescot Credit Services Limited a call. Then, you can discuss your debts over the phone. Their phone number is 01482 484673. 

A final way to contact Wescot Credit Services is by writing an email, which should be sent to contactus@wescot.co.uk . 

If you are unhappy with the response you get from Wescot you can take the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman

Why are Wescot dealing with my debts, not the original creditor? 

Some people think that Wescot Credit Services buy their debts. They did purchase debt in the past, but no longer do. 

Instead, Wescot Credit Services contact you about your debt on behalf of the original creditor. They work for them, so the responsibility of debt recovery lies with Wescot even though your debt is not actually with them. 

How do I make payment to Wescot?

There are multiple different ways you could pay Wescot Credit Services. Many people choose to pay online at Wescot.co.uk. If you pay Wescot online you can do so with a credit card or a debit card. 

Some people prefer to pay over the phone. Again, this can be done with both credit cards and debit cards. 

If you set up a repayment plan you may want to arrange a direct debit. Other, but less popular, options for paying back Wescot are at a PayPoint Retailer, sending cheques, and sending postal orders. 

debt collection agency

What if I can’t afford to repay all the debt?

If you are worried about your ability to pay back all of the debt, our advice is to get in touch with Wescot Credit Services as soon as you can. 

Wescot allows you to pay back debt using a repayment plan if you cannot afford to pay the full debt all at once. 

Before you agree to this repayment plan, though, our advice is to check your finances and do some budgeting. In some cases, repayment plans are still unaffordable. 

There is a chance that Wescot or the companies they work on behalf of might reduce your debt if you prove you really cannot afford it. This is because they don’t make any money if you do not pay. So, they could discount the debt if it is thought to be in their best interest financially. 

However, there is zero guarantee they will reduce your debt. Even if they agree to do so on the phone, you must have proof of the agreement in writing. So, ask them to write the new payment agreement in a letter. 

What if I do not believe I owe the debt? 

Sometimes, letters might get sent by mistake. For example, if you have the same name as somebody else that owes debt, calls and letters might come to you instead of them. 

If you think this might be happening to you, our advice is to check this with Wescot as soon as you can. 

Ask Wescot Credit Services to prove that you owe the debt. They will likely send written documents to prove that the debt is owed and whom by. Typically, they post a letter containing your original credit agreement. 

When you have received these letters proving your debts, our advice is to study them carefully. If it is clear they are your debts, you will need to start thinking about payment options. 

If you have not received sufficient proof from Wescot Credit Services then speak to them directly and discuss next steps. You might need to consider the help of an expert advisor, if you and Wescot Credit Services can not resolve the issue. 

kyleshill house glencairn street

Can I just ignore Wescot Credit Services Limited? 

Something you must not do is ignore the letters they write to you. To be frank, Wescot Credit Services will not just magically go away if you just ignore their calls. 

If you ignore a debt collection agency you risk them trying to take you to court for the debt. If you go to court you might get a county court judgement. This is when bailiffs will start to get involved. 

Another reason to not ignore the calls from Wescot Credit Services is that debt negatively impacts your credit score. 

If you wish to get a mortgage, as an example, good credit helps you get a good deal. If your credit is very bad, you may not get approved for a mortgage full stop. So, you should always try to resolve what you owe as soon as possible. 

So, even if you are certain the debt is not yours, you must contact Wescot and resolve the issue. No one wants debt collectors turning up at their house, so avoid this stress and sort the debt issues out as soon as you can. 

What are Wescot Credit Services allowed to do? 

All legitimate debt collection companies will be ruled by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA regulates Wescot debt collection to check they are being fair and legal with their debt collection pursuits. 

So, Wescot and any other debt collection agency governed by the FCA cannot harass you about your debt, make outrageous debt collection charges, or contact you in a manner you have requested they do not. 

Furthermore, any debt collector must not threaten legal action that is unlikely to actually happen. Nor must they claim that they are going to take your property, as they have no legal right to do this. 

They are allowed to send a debt collector to where you live, but they must give you warning about this. They cannot simply turn up out of the blue. 

credit agreement

Could an IVA help resolve my debt? 

Dealing with Wescot Credit Services Debt Collectors can be a stressful experience. If you have received a letter saying you owe money but you cannot afford this payment, you could try an IVA

An IVA can be taken out by those that are trying to protect their properties, and/or owe debts that exceed six thousand pounds. 

If you get an IVA you will have to make monthly payments of a fixed amount for a fixed duration of time. You will need to make these debt repayments on time. Once your IVA contract is complete then Wescot Credit Services write off the remainder of the debt. 

Normally, the debt will be written off after five years. After the IVA contract is up an insolvency practitioner will write off the debt on behalf of Wescot. 

How else can I resolve my debt issues? 

Obviously, if you can afford it, the best thing to do is to pay off the debt as soon as you can. However, we understand that this isn’t financially possible for many people that have debts. 

A repayment plan can be useful for many people. You can discuss different plans with Wescot using the details stated above. The good thing is no interest is accrued during the plan. However, sometimes the amount Wescot wants you to pay is still unaffordable. 

A good option for those on low income, or without any income at all, is a Debt Relief Order. This means Wescot must leave you alone for a year and then your debt is written off. However, this option doesn’t do much for your credit score. 

The last resort is to declare bankruptcy, which might not be as bad as it sounds. If you are struggling financially and have debt with Wescot, speak to them about your options. Professional advice is also recommended. 

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