Best Manufacturers Of Night Vision Optics In The World | February 2024

Best manufacturers of night vision optics in the world

The development and invention of many things first depends on humanity’s needs and the ability to create demand for specific categories of goods or services. Let’s say, for example, a car.


In cave times, the car was unnecessary because people lived in caves, in large groups and did not move far, occupying a certain territory. And even when they migrated, looked for a suitable place and so on, they did not move over long distances. With the discovery of new lands, there was a need to move quickly and far.


That’s how they began to invent different means of transportation to make their own lives easier. However, in addition to the desire to change something and simplify one’s life, technical progress is very important, because without knowledge about the world and the working mechanisms of certain things, it is simply impossible to invent something, even if one really wants to.


Therefore, if necessary, an electric car did not appear immediately, it is already a stage of improvement and adjustment to needs, but first there was a wheel.

If we are talking about the safety of the tribe and the ability to protect yourself from predators, then all kinds of weapons had a place, not to mention the ability to see in the dark. This skill would have saved more than one tribe and made it possible to save itself.


The need was formed in ancient times, and it seemed that why night vision devices were not invented immediately when the demand was formed? It just wasn’t the right time. But what formed the desire and goal to realize the cherished human dream, to see in the dark? Let’s figure it out.


A brief history of NVT

The desire to be invincible, strong and agile has always been in the subconscious of every person. And if she could train her strength and mind, there remained a weak point – darkness


A situation when our vision seems to disappear, we cannot see either ourselves, the environment, or the enemy. The last is the worst. Over time, this enemy was everyone, from ancient predators to humans. This became especially critical in the period between the First and Second World Wars. When everyone around understood, the other person can be either a friend or an enemy.


Therefore, the question arose about defense against enemy attacks and preparation for the next battle, as well as about the formation of an advantage over the enemy, which could become decisive.


Since each country had its own technological geniuses, and at that time there was already research on infrared goggles, this became the basis for the invention of a new technology.


Technologies that gave our vision unprecedented at that time the ability to see in total darkness. After that, the development went rapidly upwards, the progress took a fairly short period of time from night vision devices of the zero generation to the fourth. And all technologies that could provide some additional sensors or capabilities were actively developed precisely in the military and security direction. And I want night vision devices are already quite widespread in everyday life and in military affairs, and have also become an attribute of the airsoft game, the first priority is still military devices.


Development of NVT in Europe


It was Europe that became the cradle of the first prototypes of night vision devices. After all, just after the end of the First World War, a Golan technologist developed glass that was able to collect images and amplify them for better quality images at a long distance.


It was, of course, an imperfect prototype, but putting the technologies together and testing different versions, with the already known infrared ray, glass, became one of the final elements of the first night vision devices. It was these technologies that became the basis for the development and use of NVT during the Second World War and endowed soldiers, special forces, with superhuman abilities at the time.


Of course, there is nothing stronger than the desire to defend and defeat the enemy, so all opponents actively began to borrow technology, improve it and use it not only to make people.


So, in 1939, 63 tanks were equipped with a night vision system, which gave a significant advantage in battles. However, even after the end of the war and during the reconstruction of Europe, which literally became the battlefield of this war, there was a place for science.


Yes, NVDs became widespread all over the world, each country made some adjustments, depending on the needs. Later, when the situation stabilizes, humanity will look for new approaches and uses for this technology, such as hunting, the security sector, entertainment and gaming, and many other methods.


Of course, it is very unfortunate that in order to realize a long-standing dream of seeing what the night hides, one had to go through the nightmare of war, but sometimes critical events are needed for new discoveries.


Currently, there are many types of devices, different price segments and different manufacturers, you just need to be able to choose according to your needs and have some time to understand how they work. Although, other countries are increasingly and successfully working on eliminating certain shortcomings and improving technology.


Development of NVT in Other World


At the time of the emergence of NVT, the world was not as developed as we know it today. The most influential and technologically developed were Western Europe and America, other currently well-known and economically stable countries such as Japan or China were a little behind at that time, because the communist government greatly limited the ability of scientists to develop.


The former USSR was in the same category, because they were so busy with internal conflicts and the desire to control and limit every citizen that there was no progress at all. Thus, only during the Second World War, the USSR and other communist countries were able to invest and appropriate the latest technology.

Although at first these devices were quite large in size and heavy, because the task was to do, not comfort, in the first place. However, despite the possibility of developing and improving night vision devices, something worthy of attention and convenient appeared only in 1980 and was improved until the collapse of the Soviet Union, after which no one was involved in the development of this technology.


As for the eastern part of the world, after the war, technological progress rapidly increased, and the development of the military and security industries began to dominate.


Later, there will be several companies that improved night vision devices and introduced them into the training program of military personnel. And Japan will generally come up with methods of training an army without an army, inventing the game of airsoft, where NVD was widely used in games and training.


Therefore, although the NVT industry is currently quite developed and almost the whole world is trying to bring something of its own, technologically developed countries are looking not only for ways to improve technology, but also to bypass rivals in the quality and number of manufacturers, and also, sometimes dumping prices, due to the use of slightly lower metals by quality When choosing a night vision device, pay attention to this.


Development of NVT in America

Of course, immediately after the invention of the technology in Europe, American scientists and technicians could not sit idly by and get to work. The first NVD was designed and developed in the 1930s, but was a failure because its efficiency was too low and the price was too high.


Working further and making mistakes, our scientists developed the first night scope ( that were used in military affairs, but were exclusively intended for the work of snipers. This was a breakthrough, because previously devices could not work at such long distances and with such clarity. In practice, they were used and tested directly in combat during World War II and then during the Korean War, but with some modifications.


Further training and testing only improved the technology, looking for new and new solutions to improve the technology and reduce the shortcomings, made America the leader in the production of night vision devices.


It is not surprising that the largest number of manufacturers is concentrated here. Progress is constantly advancing so much that the difference between the latest generations is insignificant for ordinary users, and the price is reduced, which allows the use of devices in public circles and gives access to advanced technologies and development of citizens.


In general, the development of night vision devices, although people have always wanted it, began only when absolutely necessary, in the period between the great wars.


Each country wanted to have an advantage over the enemy, so they introduced some of their own tweaks to all NVDs of any generation. Therefore, you should pay special attention to what purpose you are pursuing when buying such a device and what additional functions you need. Of course, the largest number of manufacturers and advanced technologies remain in America, where the quality is a little higher, but this entails higher prices. If it’s not too expensive for you, you can look for good options in Europe or China, they may be a little inferior in terms of quality and additional functions, but if it’s not critical for your purposes, why not.


Immediately decide on the form of the night vision device that you need and carefully understand the difference between generations, and then choose exactly what you need.

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that this site is no longer under active management. As a result, we cannot assure the accuracy or relevance of the content provided. Visitors should use their discretion and consider the potential for outdated or inaccurate information before relying on any material found here.