Quick Lifehack For Elderly Gamblers | February 2024

Bypassing GamStop: Quick Lifehack for Elderly Gamblers

If you are an active player with experience in using different gaming platforms, you may face situations when you can not keep playing on some sites. If it is a UK-based casino, you probably once joined a GamStop self-exclusion program. Below, you can learn more about how to bypass this restriction.

Understanding GamStop

If you want to keep playing despite restrictions, it is important to understand the GamStop program and how it works.

What is GamStop and the Purpose of Using It 

In brief, GamStop responsible gambling tool is a self-exclusion programme that helps vulnerable people with gambling addiction to take control of their behaviour. According to statistics, GamStop has accepted 84,000 new clients during 2022 alone, and the overall number of its users has reached the value of 390,000+ since the time it was first launched five years ago. The main reason people use it is the opportunity to reduce the harm that their negative behaviour leads to.

The service creates a physical barrier between players and casino sites, so they can not log in and keep playing. It helps to switch to other activities. This self-exclusion scheme is often used as part of a complex rehabilitation scheme.

How GamStop Works

The self-exclusion program is fairly simple to use and does not require you to install any additional software. All you need is to check the program’s official website and pass simple registration. After providing data about yourself, you must verify your email and wait for further instructions from GamStop’s experts.

The program works exclusively for casino and betting sites that have licenses issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Committee. At the time of writing, there are about 139 unique URLs in the GamStop database. As soon as you become a full program member, your personal data is automatically added to all eligible casinos. Such an approach excludes possible bypassing via using anonymizers, VPN tools, and so on.

As a rule, it happens within 24 hours after registration. After that, you can not log into your account, so it makes sense to resolve all financial disputes and cash out money from your casino balance in advance. The program offers 3 self-exclusion options: 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. The best thing about GamStop is that it is free to use: you do need to spend money during registration or further buy pricing plans.

A Guide on Bypassing GamStop Restrictions

So, if it is so useful, how come people start looking for ways around GamStop, and why? Since GamStop is aimed exclusively at UK-based casinos, it has limited coverage. On the one hand, it is a great self-help option for vulnerable categories of people targeted by the British online gambling market. On the other hand, people who registered on GamStop by mistake, or were unknowingly registered there by other people, for example, might have no gambling addiction symptoms and thus could be willing to continue playing at online casinos. As Rob Davies noted how to get around GamStop, for such people this is probably the only viable option. Fortunately, there are no laws prohibiting people from registering on non-GamStop (or offshore, since they are often registered outside the UK) casino sites, which the United Kingdom Gambling Committee does not control. In fact, it is the best way to bypass the GamStop restrictions.

Key Features of a Reputable Non-GamStop Casino 

Because of the wide choice of offshore casinos in the market, not all of them are reliable and trustworthy. That is why you should check the following features before creating an account.

  • A license issued by an authoritative regulator such as the Curacao Gambling Board or Malta Gaming Authority.
  • The quality of customer support service, available communication channels, and fast response time.
  • Clearly written bonus T&Cs described without ambiguity.
  • Multiple payment methods available, with clearly described potential fees you may encounter.
  • Positive user feedback on independent review platforms.

Also, figuring out whether the casino supports an internal self-exclusion program makes sense. As a rule, reputable offshore casinos offer proprietary schemes that help to take a cool-off period or block an account for a certain period. Moreover, trustworthy overseas casinos allow you to set bet and deposit limits so you can improve your bankroll management strategy.

Registration at Offshore Casinos

If you decide to bypass GamStop by registering on the offshore casino site, you should head to its official website, click on the registration button and fill in the required data. All steps are the same as those you make when registering at a UK-based casino. The only difference may be in less info required, especially if it is a crypto casino.

Risks of Bypassing GamStop

This approach may be an option for those who joined the program by mistake or do not have problems with gambling addiction. Otherwise, it may cause risks of relapsing the problem behaviour with even more severe manifestations. Plus, the duration and complexity of a new rehabilitation cycle may be significantly increased.


As you can see, even though GamStop is a useful program, there are people willing to bypass it, and for good reasons. Most often, a wish to get around GamStop appears when a person registers there without knowing exactly what they are doing: for example, when they want to abstain from gambling to save money, test the system, or if they think that they can stop their self-exclusion at any moment. 


Anyway, the only possible way to get around GamStop is to register and play on the so-called non-GamStop casino sites: usually, these are online casinos licensed outside the UK, and thus not obliged to work under GamStop. However, when considering this step, keep in mind that if you belong to a vulnerable group of people (e.g., if you have displayed problem gambling behaviours or have a gambling addiction), bypassing GamStop could be bad for you.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this site is no longer under active management. As a result, we cannot assure the accuracy or relevance of the content provided. Visitors should use their discretion and consider the potential for outdated or inaccurate information before relying on any material found here.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this site is no longer under active management. As a result, we cannot assure the accuracy or relevance of the content provided. Visitors should use their discretion and consider the potential for outdated or inaccurate information before relying on any material found here.