pension scam predictor

Pension Scam Predictor Tool

Use our assessment tool below which tries to predict the likelihood of you being exposed to a pension scam. 

The tool asks around 20 questions, and at the end you will be given a % score. Please note that this tool should only be used as guide and it is your responsibility to assess the viability of any transfer you might be looking to undertake.

Click ‘Begin assessment’ below to start.  Good luck!

Welcome to the Pension Scam Predictor

Please confirm whether you are using this scam tool to test it or if you are looking to check a possible transfer for a scam.

We need this information so that we can distinguish between real cases and test cases, as this helps us better identify scam trends and potential changes in approaches from the scammers. This information will help protect anyone looking to transfer a pension.

I want to check for a possible scam
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Pension Scams Risk Assessment



Pension Scam Prediction Rating


What the results mean

Strong likelihood this could be a pension scam

Some red flags but please proceed with caution

Initial signs are that this is unlikely to be a scam, but we still recommend that you proceed with caution.

Important note

Please note that the Pension Scammer Predictor tool is just a guidance tool to help you look at some common approaches that pension scammers take. It does not give you a definitive answer as to whether your transfer is likely to be a scam or not. You are always responsible for your own decisions. You need to undertake your own research and due diligence to determine whether you should move ahead with the transfer. You should always proactively engage your pension administrator to let them know you are looking at transferring so that they can undertake their own checks, Please note that we do not take any responsibility for any actions you do or do not take having used this tool.

The pension scam prediction tool is for those that have already been approached to transfer their pension. Therefore, we can not help you any further. However, if you do get approached to transfer your pension in the future, please do come back and use this tool.