Can You Record On Sky Glass | February 2024

Can You Record on Sky Glass

With the launch of Sky Glass, the company has made a bold leap into the future of entertainment. Because of its sophisticated features, many people are interested in this cutting-edge smart TV, Sky Glass. 

Can you record it on Sky Glass? This is a common query from Sky customers. Yes, without a doubt, but how exactly does it operate? Let’s explore this fascinating feature.

Understanding Sky Glass Features

Sky Glass is a complete entertainment system, not just a regular TV. It combines several services, including Sky Q, Sky Stream, and Sky Broadband, into a single gadget to offer a seamless and practical viewing experience. 

The Sky channels on this device include popular ones like Sky Sports, Sky Atlantic, and Sky Cinema. Popular apps like BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and ITV Hub are accessible.

In addition to the channels, Sky Glass TV also has a particular function called Sky Stream Puck. 

With its seamless content transitions, this feature improves the streaming experience. Live TV and streaming services are combined in one location, significantly improving traditional TV. The possibilities don’t stop there; Sky Glass also gives you access to Apple TV, expanding your entertainment choices.

Being a smart TV, Sky Glass has a lot of intelligent features. The ‘Hello Sky’ feature enables voice control, one of these features. This feature lets you speak to your TV to change the channels, adjust the volume, and navigate the interface. 

For those who value a hands-free viewing experience, this is a game-changer. Last but not least, Sky Glass supports Dolby Vision, providing breathtaking picture quality. It immerses you in the content by bringing it to life with vivid colours and clear images. 

Every TV show or live sporting event you watch becomes interesting when you use Sky Glass.

Sky Glass: Recording Capabilities

Users of Sky Glass can record their favourite shows and live sporting events thanks to the device’s built-in recording feature. Those who want to make sure to catch a second of their favourite

content will find this feature helpful. Sky Glass provides a straightforward and user-friendly interface for recording.

The capacity of Sky Glass’ recording ability is one noteworthy aspect. This smart TV can record multiple shows simultaneously, which is a significant benefit for people who watch lots of TV. With Sky Glass, you can register and watch your favourite programmes whenever you want. 

This eliminates the need to pick between your favourite programmes. Sky Glass’ integration with Sky channels is an additional benefit. It implies you can record shows from your preferred Sky channels, including Sky Sports News, Sky Atlantic, and Sky Max. 

This significantly improves over other smart TVs, where recording is frequently restricted to particular media or content. Sky Glass allows recording from other platforms in addition to Sky channels. This includes Apple TV, ITV Hub, and Amazon Prime Video content. 

You can save various content with Sky Glass, ensuring you never miss your favourite TV shows or live sporting events. The ‘Sky Glass Playlist’ feature is another benefit of Sky Glass. You can quickly and easily organise your recorded content using this. 

It represents an improvement over traditional recording, which can take time to locate the recorded content. All of your recorded content is easily accessible with Sky Glass. 

Setting Up Sky Glass for Recording

It is easy to set up Sky Glass for recording. Connecting your Sky Glass TV to your Sky Broadband is the first step. This makes your TV and the internet seamlessly connected, enabling fluid recording. 

Your favourite content can be recorded once the connection has been made. Simply navigate to the desired show on the Sky Glass interface, then choose the “record” option. 

The show will begin to be recorded automatically, but you can stop it anytime by selecting the “stop recording” vote. Once saved on your Sky Glass, the recorded content can be accessed whenever you like. 

Sky Glass covers you for those who want to capture live sporting events on video. You can record live sporting events from Sky Sports or any other channel on your Sky Glass. Simply navigate to the live event and choose the “record” option. 

This will begin recording the event; you can pause it anytime. Recordings can also be scheduled using Sky Glass. This is especially helpful for people with hectic schedules who can only sometimes be there to start the recording manually. 

Your favourite shows can be scheduled for automatic recording with Sky Glass, and it will do so for you. Serie link is another feature that Sky Glass provides. With just one click, you can now record an entire series. 

By choosing the series link option, Sky Glass will automatically record every episode of the selected series, saving you the trouble of recording every episode separately.

Navigating Sky Glass Recording Interface

The user-friendly interface of Sky Glass makes recording and navigating a breeze. The interface was created with the Sky customer in mind, guaranteeing a simple and practical recording experience.

‘Live TV’, ‘streaming’, and recordings are just a few sections in the interface’s main menu. Navigate to the display and choose the “record” option under either the “live TV” or “streaming” heading. 

The’recording’ section of the interface houses all your recorded content, allowing for easy access. This will begin recording the show, automatically saving it on your Sky Glass TV.

The interface’s search feature is one of its advantages. 

This lets you look up and record content by searching for your preferred channels or television shows. For instance, you only need to type “Sky Sports News” into the search bar to find the medium to record content from Sky Sports News.

Sky Glass has a ‘Hello Sky’ feature for those who want a hands-free experience. You can use this voice control feature to navigate the interface and manage the recording by speaking to your TV. 

This is a significant improvement compared to conventional recording interfaces, which frequently require manual navigation.’Sky Glass Playlist’ is another feature available on the interface. 

This enables you to arrange your recorded content conveniently. Thanks to this feature, finding your recorded content is now a simple click away.

Saving and Accessing Recorded Content 

When you record something on Sky Glass, your TV automatically saves it. You can access this material in the recording section of the Sky Glass user interface. The organised and user-friendly organisation of the recorded content makes it simple to navigate and access.

The playlist feature of Sky Glass is one of its benefits. You can do this to create playlists using the content you’ve recorded. Using this feature, you can organise your recorded content into categories that suit your tastes. 

You could make a playlist for your recorded TV shows and another for your live sporting events. Finding your recorded content can be difficult with traditional recording, so the playlist feature is a significant improvement. 

All of your recorded content is easily accessible with Sky Glass. This improves your viewing experience and makes it simpler to access recorded content. Serie link is another feature that Sky Glass provides. 

With this feature, you can simultaneously record an entire season, and the episodes are saved in the correct order. This entails watching your favourite series uninterrupted and in the proper order.

It is also simple to access recorded content from other platforms like ITV Hub, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video. The interface’s’recording’ section holds the recordings made on these platforms. 

This implies that all your recorded content, regardless of the platform, is accessible in a single location.

Limitations of Recording on Sky Glass

There are some restrictions even though Sky Glass has various recording features. Storage space is one of these. The maximum number of shows you can register is limited by the TV’s storage capacity, even though Sky Glass can record multiple fronts simultaneously. 

The Sky Q box, which offers additional storage for recorded content, is a solution Sky provides.

Another restriction is that certain content might not be available for recording because of licencing agreements. 

While you can record most content from services like Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video, some shows or movies might need to be recorded.

Last but not least, even though Sky Glass enables you to record live sporting events, the accessibility of these events for recording may be based on broadcasting rights. 

This implies that some live sporting events, especially those shown on premium channels, might need to be recorded.

Troubleshooting Sky Glass Recording Issues

You can take a few troubleshooting steps if you’re having issues recording on Sky Glass. You should first examine your internet connection. For seamless recording, Sky Glass needs a consistent internet connection. 

If you need help recording, it might be because of a shaky or unreliable internet connection. You should check your Sky Broadband or contact your internet service provider.

Storage restrictions may be to blame if your internet connection is steady but you still have problems. If the storage space on Sky Glass is used up, you won’t be able to record more content. 

You should delete some of your previously recorded content to make room for new recordings in this situation. Consider purchasing a Sky Q box, which offers additional storage for recorded content, if you need more space.

Due to licencing limitations, recording content from specific channels or platforms may be impossible. Recording restrictions may apply to some content, mainly on services like Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video. 

Given that the content providers imposed these limitations, you can do little in this situation.

Tips for Better Recording on Sky Glass

You can use the following advice to make the most of your recording experience on Sky Glass. A reliable internet connection must first be established for your Sky Glass TV. This ensures uninterrupted recording and provides smooth recording.

Second, manage your recorded content consistently. Working on your content regularly ensures that you always have room for new recordings because Sky Glass has a small storage capacity. Old recordings can be deleted or transferred to an external storage device.

Finally, use the playlist function. This improves your viewing experience by enabling you to organise your recorded content in a simple-to-access manner. Depending on your preferences, you can make playlists for TV shows, movies, and other content. 

These pointers will help you have a smooth and enjoyable recording experience on Sky Glass.

Exploring Sky Live and Sky Go

Customers of Sky Glass have access to Sky Live and Sky Go. Using Sky Live, you can watch live broadcasts of your preferred Sky TV channels, such as Sky News, Sky Sports News, and Sky Atlantic. You can watch TV shows, news broadcasts, and sporting events live with Sky Live.

Another great feature that improves the Sky Glass experience is Sky Go. With this service, you can watch your preferred Sky channels and previously recorded content on other gadgets like a tablet or smartphone. 

Your entertainment options with Sky Go are not limited to your living room; you can take it with you wherever you go. Accessing Sky Live and Sky Go is made simple by the Entertainment OS in Sky Glass. 

Its layout was created with Sky glass users in mind, guaranteeing a comfortable and convenient viewing experience. The OS also supports additional streaming services, giving you access to a wide range of content.

Embracing a Variety of Sky TV Channels

Countless Sky TV channels are available through Sky Glass. You can access a variety of other media in addition to Sky News and Sky Witness. Sky Comedy, which offers a wide selection of well-liked sitcoms and comedy programmes, is a must-watch for comedy fans. 

On the other hand, Sky Witness is a haven for drama and crime television fans. Sky Glass also offers streaming services with a variety of content. For instance, you can watch content from well-known websites like ITV Hub and Amazon Prime Video. 

This guarantees that Sky Glass satisfies various viewer preferences, including those for live sports, films, and TV shows.

Understanding Audience Insights and Demand

Sky Glass is a tool for audience insights, not just a smart TV. Sky Glass tracks your viewing patterns to make content recommendations based on your preferences. Finding new programmes and channels that you might like is easier with this individualised approach.

Sky Glass is becoming increasingly in demand, especially in the UK. Sky Glass is a well-liked option among viewers due to its recording capabilities, selection of Sky TV channels, and streaming services. 

The demand for Sky Glass is anticipated to increase as more people become aware of its advantages.

Comparing with Virgin Media and BT TV

In the fiercely competitive smart TV market, Sky Glass stands out. Compared to Virgin Media and BT TV, Sky Glass offers a broader selection of services, including access to a vast selection of Sky channels and other platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

While BT TV and Virgin Media also provide a variety of channels, Sky Glass goes above and beyond with its recording ability. 

This attribute, along with the built-in Sky Q box and Sky Stream Puck, elevates Sky Glass to the top of the list among viewers looking for an all-encompassing entertainment system.


What is Sky Glass and what services does it offer?

Sky Glass is a smart TV that combines several services, such as Sky Q, Sky Stream, and Sky Broadband, into a single unit. It provides access to popular apps like BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and ITV Hub, as well as a selection of Sky TV channels. Additionally, it has a recording feature that enables you to capture live sporting events and your favourite TV shows.

Can you record on Sky Glass?

On Sky Glass, you can record, yes. The smart TV has a built-in recording feature that lets you record multiple shows simultaneously. A series link feature is also available, allowing users to register an entire series quickly.

What is the benefit of the Sky Glass recording feature?

Your favourite television programmes and live sporting events can be recorded using the Sky Glass recording feature to watch them whenever you want. You can conveniently and quickly organise your recorded content through the ‘Sky Glass Playlist’ part.

Do I still need a satellite dish with Sky Glass?

No, Sky Glass does not require a satellite dish. It is built with an integrated Sky Q box, so a separate box or satellite dish is unnecessary. There are fewer cables surrounding your TV and a cleaner setup.

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that this site is no longer under active management. As a result, we cannot assure the accuracy or relevance of the content provided. Visitors should use their discretion and consider the potential for outdated or inaccurate information before relying on any material found here.