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About us

Help & Advice is a website that has been created to provide you access to information on a range of topics.  We started because we realised that whilst there are a lot of resources online, more often than not, you would jump from one website to another to find all the information that you wanted.  Therefore, we thought why not create a website that brings a range of legal and financial issues together in to one handy place.


And that is how Help & Advice was born.   We are now pleased to say that we are a part of People-tech, a business that brings together a number of online brands that support people with all aspects of their financial wellbeing.  


Since 2014 we have been looking at legal and financial topics that regularly impact people’s lives and tried to create in-depth articles on those topics.  Our editorial style is that we use a Questions and Answers format to make it as easy as possible for a user to get a deep understanding of the topic they are reading about.  

About People-tech

People-tech is a pensions, benefits and wellbeing company that looks to support both employers and individuals. It was originally set up by Saq Hussain, who has worked, and still works, with some of the largest employers in the UK and the world on developing their people and wellbeing strategy.


People-tech provides consultancy support to employers, and operates a range of consumer websites, that offer guidance and support on a range of legal and financial issues that impact the everyday lives of people.  


The People-tech brands include:

People-tech in the News

We’re proud that our people from People-Tech, UK Care Guide and Help & Advice regularly feature in the UK media and across other well recognised websites.  Here is just a snapshot of our coverage.

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