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101 Money Saving Tips – The corporate version

This e-book is 50 pages long and includes lots of easily actionable tips to help the reader save money. It has been designed in such a way that you can co-brand, or white-label, it. The branding can mean:
  • the colours are changed
  • a forward from someone with the company is added to the front
  • details of specific benefits and support that your company offers can be referenced as part of the 101 tips.  There is currently a section on workplace benefits at the back of the book, and that can be tailored to the company.
The book can be printed off and distributed, or sent to staff in this flipbook format below.

Press the right arrow below to flick through the book

If you are interested in offering this book to your staff, please email saq@people-tech.co.uk or call on 07715 486 912